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Monday, June 27, 2005

In search of my favorite licorice

Licorice is shrub native to southern Europe and Asia. The licorice roots may be chewed or eaten or the extract from the roots may be used in candies and flavorings. Licorice is also reputed to have medicinal qualities, but it may increase the absorption of many drugs and reduce the effects of blood pressure medications. Consumption of excessive amounts can cause high blood pressure, low levels of potassium, and hormonal imbalance, among other maladies. I have also read that it can adversely affect libido.

I find that it is difficult to come by good licorice. The best licorice I have eaten was sold by the Morrow’s Nut Houses that were located in malls. Morrow’s Nut House offered long ropes of licorice that were not overly sweet and that had an intense licorice flavor. They also sold “red” rope licorice, but “red” licorice is not even licorice, so it does not deserve mention. I think Morrow’s Nut House is now defunct, though. This would not be so problematic if I knew the brand of the licorice Morrow’s sold.

Other licorices I have tried do not compare to the licorice I used to buy from Morrow’s Nut House. Panda brand licorice is good, as are the licorice sticks and the licorice wheels available in the bulk bins at Central Market. I have tried several salt licorices; most people I know dislike salt licorice, but it is fine by me. Apparently, it is more popular in Europe than it is in America. None has been as good as I recall the Morrow’s Nut House licorice tasting. It may be, though, that the Morrow’s licorice has taken on mythic status in my mind, and if I were to eat some of it again, it might not be as good as I have imagined it to be.

If anyone has any information on the brand of licorice that I seek, I would greatly welcome your assistance.


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