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Friday, June 24, 2005

Signing On

This marks my entry into the blogosphere. I am a novice blogger. I was introduced to blogging by my friend Thomas, and have made posts on his blog and even contributed as a guest blogger.

I am taking baby steps, initially, as I venture into the blogosphere. Since, despite my efforts and my $$$ postgraduate degree, I am unemployed (more on this in subsequent entries) I will probably have time to make frequent posts. I do not envision that this blog will have a particular theme, such as revealing a vast right-wing conspiracy, or uncovering facts about Hillary Rodham Clinton that would hinder her chances of being elected to the presidency. Rather, this blog will be similar to a journal, or a diary that is open to the whole of cyberspace, where I record my thoughts on diverse subjects. At least, that is what I envisage for this blog.


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