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Saturday, July 30, 2005

Alternative Employment

Well, since none of the elitist s.o.b.’s in the legal field will employ me, where can I look for employment where my damn expensive law degree will not be completely wasted? It can only be the employers’ bias against students like me, who did not graduate from prestigious colleges or in the top miniscule percent of their classes, and not the allegedly weak job market. It is easier to direct my anger at real people who are making hiring decisions, than it is to make the “job market” the subject of my ire.

sour grapes noun
affected scorn: the scornful denial that something is attractive or desirable because it is unobtainable
syn. resentment, jealousy, bitterness, ill feeling, envy, ill will, scorn

[In allusion to Aesop’s fable The Fox and the Grapes where the fox disparages some grapes as sour when he cannot reach them]

Encarta World English Dictionary (2000)


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