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Saturday, July 30, 2005


My sister’s cat has been residing with us since sometime in March, while my sister goes back and forth between here and Austin, and generally comes and goes as she pleases. That is fine, because I rather enjoy having a cat in the house. Eloise, as the cat is named, is quite adorable. I imagine her chanting a little song, “I am so cute. I am so cute.”*

We thought letting my sister have a cat would help her learn some responsibility. I jest. (Actually, there was no “let” about it.)

* I had misgivings about writing a post about my sister’s cat. I was concerned that, in the event that anyone happened upon my blog, it might subject me to derision, or even cause some people to try to track me down and beat me up. I asked my sister whether she thought I should post about her cat, and she said I could write about whatever I wanted, but that I should omit the song. Against our better judgment, I have included it.


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