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Monday, July 25, 2005

I Can’t Hear You

The family dog is becoming advanced in years. According to the veterinarian, although he is twelve years old, Farley is equivalent to about 85 in people years. Among other geriatric ailments, Farley is arthritic and he suffers from hearing loss. It is rather sad. His mind is still sharp, as far as dogs go. He experiences difficulty ambulating. He wants to spend the night upstairs with the family, but mounting and descending the stairs is always a drama. He wants to take long walks, but we need a Radio Flyer to carry him home (we don’t have a Radio Flyer, though, so he does not go on long walks). Farley only perceives loud, high-pitched noises. While it is unfortunate that he cannot hear us talking to him affectionately, I think this sometimes works to his advantage; when he is rooting through the trash, he cannot hear us yell at him; when he strays too far from the yard, he cannot hear us calling him back. I imagine him thinking to himself, defiantly, as he disobeys us, “I can’t hear you.” The worst part about owning pets is when they age and then leave you.


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