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Saturday, July 02, 2005

Is it anti-Texan to be anti-SUV?

Is it anti-Texan to be anti-SUV? Given the large quantities of fuel that gas-guzzling SUVs and pickups consume, and the higher emissions they produce, at a time when America is reliant on foreign oil and our environment is becoming more polluted, I take issue with the conspicuous consumption exhibited by people who drive these vehicles. I make exception for people whose occupations make trucks necessary for them, such as farmers or building contractors, who need a vehicle with the cargo space a bed provides.

Texans love their trucks, though. It is almost one’s birthright as a Texan to drive a truck or SUV. Texans revere their trucks as much as we value our homestead rights (Texas has historically been very protective of homestead. Texas was settled by people from other parts of the country who had amassed considerable debts. These settlers then established liberal personal property and homestead exemption laws.). Thus, I have doubts about my loyalty to my home state when I look with disfavor on the eco-unfriendly sport-utes.

There seems to be a disconnect between two dollar a gallon gasoline and the new SUVs and pickups I see on the roads. Maybe these people just fill up their 30-gallon tanks without paying attention to the price of the gasoline, and then drive along, at 14 miles per gallon.


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