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Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Bush Is Bad for America

President Bush is bad for America in so many ways. One example is in the restrictions he has placed on federal financing for stem cell research. I guess my beliefs diverge from those of the religious right here, but I do not consider a few cells in a laboratory that would otherwise be discarded to be a human being. I can conceive that these embryos have the potential to become a human being. However, the potential also exists for me to win the lottery. The real potential is in the lifesaving cures that tissues grown from stem cells promise. Individuals who are suffering from terminal illnesses and who could benefit from stem cell research are denied the promise these miracle cells hold. Is this compassionate conservatism at work?

So, scientists in the United States must make advances in stem cell research with the aid of private funding. Meanwhile, researchers in Korea, India, Singapore, China, Japan, Sweden, Britain, and Israel, where the political and social climates are not so hostile to biotechnology, are forging ahead in this exciting field. Any advances in stem cell research and the remedies for diseases will not be made in America, thanks to Mr. Bush. Treatments for diabetes and Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s diseases, human skin, blood and replacement organs genetically matched to their intended recipients, will be devised abroad. I hope Americans can benefit from them.


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