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Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Mexican “Pharmacists”

My neighbors across the street are from Mexico. Although I have lived in my current residence for nearly two years now, I have never met these neighbors. I see people come and go from the house across the street, and I wave to them and they wave back, but I do not know who the actual homeowners are. This house across the street is actually only one of their multiple homes. They still reside in Mexico; this is just a second (possibly third?) residence that they maintain in this master-planned community north of Houston. Apparently, they make the house available to friends, which explains the frequent coming and going of unfamiliar people.

This house across the street is not a meager second residence. It is a $1 million-plus home. One of the cars driven by the homeowners is a Ferrari. They recently replaced the previous Ferrari with a new Ferrari, which I saw someone driving yesterday; it still had paper plates. The various friends who come and go also drive expensive cars, like late model BMWs and Porsches.

Supposedly, these neighbors from Mexico make their money in “pharmaceuticals.” I do not doubt that they are completely legit, but, wealthy “pharmacists” from Mexico – does this not hold the potential for all varieties of humorous speculation?


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