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Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Miffed at Our Leaders

I am angry with our elected officials. They are in large part at fault for the climbing gas prices, and the various side effects of expensive energy.

It is incumbent upon government to take action to cause America to wean itself off oil. Big businesses, such as the energy companies and auto manufacturers, have no incentive to begin exploring or utilizing alternative energy sources and technologies. The energy companies are sitting pretty right now, so they of course do not care that we are ruining our environment or that Americans are dying in Iraq. The auto companies in Detroit, in the interests of their bottom lines, are just giving consumers what they want. Dumb Americans: the impetus is not going to come from the idiotic drivers who want bigger, more powerful cars. Municipal government officials are, likewise, not going to invest in public transit when it drains more money from city coffers.

Government measures such as making gasoline even more expensive and imposing caps on emissions from vehicles and industries would cause consumers to feel the pinch and would directly force the auto manufacturers to begin producing technologies that require less oil. Then, American soldiers would not be dying in Iraq, the Muslims would not hate us for meddling in the Arabian Peninsula, we would not be destroying our environment, consumers would not need to take out loans to fuel their cars and to heat their homes – the list of ails caused by reliance on oil could go on.

We suffered through one price spike, artificially cause by the Arab oil embargo. This one is caused by heightened demand and diminished supply, both of which are real. When are we going to learn?


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