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Friday, August 05, 2005

“Productive” Trips into Houston

I live in an unincorporated suburb of Houston. The Woodlands is a nice place to live. A fair number of trees have been left standing. There are restrictions on development so you need not fear a gas station going in next door. There is an extensive system of hike and bike trails.

The Woodlands is situated about 30 miles distant from downtown Houston. Uphill both ways. In the snow. Or the blistering heat. Of course, Houston is quite spread out, so few of your destinations are within downtown. One must travel elsewhere inside the 610 Loop. Houston is decades behind where it should be in mass transit.

A drawback of The Woodlands is that there is a dearth of shopping and dining venues. All the restaurants are chains, which I find objectionable, we do not have a Whole Foods or a Central Market, and most retailers are of the big box or chain variety. We finally have a Williams-Sonoma and a Sur La Table, but these, too, are chain retailers. I do like them, though. If one is interested in movies, all that shows at the theater are films targeted at the high school crowd. Alas, alack, if one yens for some entertainment or to be entertained, or needs to shop for something other than basic necessities, it is necessary to make the trip into Houston.

Therefore, if the need for a foray into Houston arises, I must make the trip “productive” by visiting one of these desirable shopping locales, namely Whole Foods, Central Market, or maybe Serenitea, “a tea boutique with a variety of the finest teas.” Even though today I am going to the Harris County District Clerk’s Office, which is in downtown Houston, and to the school, again in downtown, to request copies of my transcript and to see if they have a diploma for me, the trip just would not be worthwhile if I did not go by one of the aforementioned grocery stores or Serenitea.


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