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Monday, September 26, 2005

Beer or Church… Beer or Church

When I was doing my post-Hurricane Rita shopping Sunday morning, I tried to pick up one of the Saint Arnold six packs that are on sale for $5.50 at Kroger but, alas, I had forgotten that it is against State law for grocery stores to sell alcohol before noon on Sundays. Thwarted in my attempt to take advantage of that low, low price, I went to church, instead. Not really!

What is the purpose of the dumb “blue law” that prohibits the sale of beer and wine by grocery stores before noon on Sundays and that prohibits liquor stores from even being open at all on Sundays? These provisions of chapter 105 of the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Code are relics of our nation’s puritan roots. Is this law supposed to cause people to opt to attend church rather than to start drinking before noon? The “churchies” who wanted me to rest on their day of rest and worship still lost! I spent all Sunday afternoon in the offices in which my dad works, moving furniture and reconnecting computers that had been secured in anticipation of Hurricane Rita.


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