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Saturday, September 10, 2005

A Fool and His Money

Since I was spending money left and right yesterday on nondiscretionary expenses, I decided I would spend even more money that I cannot afford to spend on an indiscretionary purchase. I recently unwillingly threw away $125 for bar association memberships that will not do me a bit of good. I also parted with $120 for a CLE course that is required of all new admittees to the Texas bar. This expenditure did not gall me as much because it was required by the state bar. In addition, who likes to pay auto insurance premiums? I was perusing my auto insurance policy, of which I recently received a copy, which the insurer periodically sends to me, and I could not help but think that I am not getting my money’s worth out of it. I suppose I would rather not be taking full advantage of the coverage, though.

Now we arrive at the indiscretionary purchase. I visited Ye Olde Village Beverage Shoppe and selected some wines. If the other outlays were frustrating, because I watched my bank balance become diminished, these purchases were imprudent, particularly because I do not have a steady income. However, this action was taken in a fit of pique. I had taken leave of my senses. It would also have been more sensible to go to Spec’s, because their prices are generally a few dollars cheaper than other alcohol purveyors’ prices. We will enjoy drinking the wines, though. At between $10 and $20, they are pricey, for us. We tend to be $10-and-under-wine type of folk.

It’s not actually called Ye Olde Village Beverage Shoppe, either. It is properly called “The Beverage Shoppe,” but I append the “Ye Olde Village,” because it sounds more Old English, in keeping with the double “p” and the “e” in “Shoppe.”


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