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Thursday, September 29, 2005

Habit of Watching More Television

I need to develop the habit of watching more television. I nearly always miss Alton Brown’s Television Food Network program, Good Eats, because I forget to turn on the television at six o’clock. Mr. Brown’s program is informative and entertaining. In each episode, he focuses on a particular ingredient, and goes into considerable detail concerning the nature, origin, production, selection, and preparation of the featured ingredient. Good Eats, in my opinion, is one of the few remaining worthwhile shows on TVFN. Mario Batali’s Molto Mario is quality programming. David Rosengarten’s Taste was quite educational. However, there has been a shift away from edifying fare, toward quick fix solutions, like Rachel Ray’s drivel, and people of the ilk of Paula Dean and Giada De Laurentiis, who are just concerned with showing viewers shortcuts to put slop on the table and who settle for pudding mixes and biscuit mixes from a box.

At the six o’clock hour, I am typically at home preparing dinner. If I remember at all that there is a program that I desire to watch, I cannot turn on Television Food Network before 6:00, because the horribly annoying Rachel Ray is on for the entire hour of five o’clock. I frequently check the Food TV website to see what Alton Brown is doing on each episode of Good Eats, but it easily slips my mind when the time arrives that there is something on worth watching. If I were in the habit of watching television, I probably would not have this problem.