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Monday, September 05, 2005

Observations and Thoughts from My Morning Walk

It was surprisingly cool the last two mornings when I went for a walk. How cool, exactly, I do not know, because we do not have an outdoor thermometer, and my convenient weather information source,, has not been accessible, because the website is under construction. would provide up-to-the-minute weather readings of conditions at various locations around the Houston area, several of which were within a few miles from my house. We did recently acquire a rain gauge, so we can measure how much rain does not fall.

The Woodlands is populated by a number of bird species; I frequently see varieties with which I am not familiar. This morning I saw a member of the class Aves that I have not been able to identify. It was perched beside a non-naturally occurring body of water (that is my gender-neutral term for a manmade pond or lake) and had a squat body, a pointed beak for seizing fish, and slate-gray plumage. If I were possessed of the artistic abilities of John James Audubon, I would have shot this specimen, brought it home, stuffed it, and created a life-size, hand-colored illustration of it.

A house that I pass has a rather realistic looking – realistic looking from a distance – artificial deer in the front yard. It prompted me to think that I would like to decorate the front yard with a small herd of artificial deer. To give them an even more life-like appearance, I could reposition them every night, to create the illusion that they move about.

Late this last week, the mowers were out in force in The Woodlands. They scalped the grass on the roadsides and the waterways, leaving the ground barren and the landscape unsightly. I do not know for what reason they chop down the lush ground cover. Perhaps they are defoliating so the insurgents cannot conceal themselves.

According to British psychologist Havelock Ellis, β€œThe mathematician has reached the highest rung on the ladder of human thought.”


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