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Friday, September 02, 2005

Shielding My Sister

I have an aunt, whose identity shall remain secret, who graduated in 1995 from the law school I attended. No prospective or beginning law student or bar applicant who is preparing to take the bar exam should be exposed to this unnamed aunt. Before I began law school, this aunt had me expecting the worst. She repeatedly stressed how difficult law school was, and she had an extensive repertoire of law school horror stories that she enjoyed relating to me. Because of this aunt’s warnings, I was prepared for a traumatizing experience. Having braced myself, I did not find law school as terribly shocking or as difficult as I had anticipated. Again, when I was studying for the bar exam, this aunt chimed in, informing me that the bar exam was, in her opinion, “three days of hell,” and that it was “the most hellish experience of [her] life.” This is not exactly the type of inspirational speech I needed to hear as I was gearing up for the bar exam. However, because I was, again, expecting the worst, the bar exam did not turn out to be as “hellish” as my aunt had warned.

My sister, who is two weeks into law school, has not had the misfortune of being exposed to this cynic’s pessimistic drivel. We have made an effort to see that my aunt does not have the opportunity to visit with my sister. The discouraging words have continued, though. The naysayer wondered why my sister did not opt to take a nice, low-stress job, instead of attending law school. She had previously suggested that my sister go into publishing, even though she admitted it is difficult to support oneself with the jobs available in that field.

I wonder what could prompt such remarks. Is it animosity, bitterness, or jealousy, or is it just cluelessness?


  • This aunt of yours sounds like an evil, vindictive nutjob. Let's just hope she never reproduces. And should she ever find someone foolish enough to assist her in this diabolical plan, we'll have to destroy it, wiping her seed from the planet. Who's with me?

    By Blogger hal the brown, at 8:00 AM, September 02, 2005  

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