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Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Three Day Weekends

I always enjoy a three day weekend. Three day weekends are particularly nice because they are accompanied by four day weeks. Three day weekends, though, are too few and too far in between. We should be afforded one three day weekend every month. Imagine how it would increase the productivity of the American worker, or workers in other countries.

When I was in school, the three days off in observance of Labor Day were a tremendous boon. It provided an opportunity to catch up in my schoolwork and, sometimes, even to get ahead. That was it for extended weekends, then, until classes ended at the end of November for the Thanksgiving holiday, which was followed by those dreaded final exams.

My brother has told me, previously, that weekends don’t mean as much when you don’t have a job.


  • I have a job, in the weekend. Haha .. Still, I find weekends meaningful. They are usually stuffed with lots of exciting things to do, somehow often more stuffed than regular week-days.

    By Blogger Astrid, at 8:49 AM, September 06, 2005  

  • im guessing boon is a good thing, but i think bane. YOU ARE THE BANE OF MY EXISTENCE, 3-DAY WEEKENDS. i better go look up the word "boon" - the only Boone I know is the cowboy from the Indian in the Cupboard - an excellent book. FYI there is a Harry Potter character named Bane. The angry centaur. Matt, go read Harry Potter, NOW.

    By Blogger Katherine, at 5:18 PM, September 06, 2005  

  • boon. noun. great benefit: something that functions as a blessing or benefit to somebody

    [From Old Norse bón, “prayer, petition.” Ultimately from an Indo-European word meaning “to speak,” which is also the ancestor of English BAN, BANISH, and FAME.]

    Encarta® World English Dictionary

    By Blogger Matthew, at 4:34 AM, September 07, 2005  

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