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Monday, September 12, 2005

Who’s Been Drinking All My Tito’s?

I am a big fan of Tito’s Texas Handmade Vodka. Not only does Tito’s taste good, but also it is distilled right here in Texas![1] In fact, Tito’s operates Texas’s only distillery. Tito Beveridge (that’s his real name) claims that Tito’s “can go head to head with any of the worlds’ greats and not break a sweat.” I am inclined to believe him. Although it tastes great in cocktails, I don’t waste my Tito’s by diluting it with other spirits or mixers. I prefer to savor my Tito’s.

I purchased a 1.75 liter bottle of Tito’s Texas Handmade Vodka on August 20 (I have the dated receipt). It is already time to visit Spec’s, again.[2]

As an aside, why must I be of legal age to enter a brewer’s, distiller’s, or vintner’s website? I am not imbibing when I visit their webpages. Who is checking IDs?

[1] Apparently, not many people, including published authors, know that the grammatical construction “not only” must be followed by “but also.”
[2] Is this some sort of admission I should not be making? I am a member of a household of four, with a frequent visitor, I’ll have you know.


  • I am drinking all of your Titos (how else could I be so merry all the time!), but don't worry, I am over 21.

    By Blogger Astrid, at 7:57 AM, September 12, 2005  

  • I'm certainly not the guilty party. I have two bottles of vodka in my freezer. One of which happens to be a 1.75L of Tito's and the other is liter of Boru. Besides, I'm not nearly incospicuous enough when it comes to drinking.

    By Blogger hal the brown, at 9:37 AM, September 12, 2005  

  • I have a huge jug of Titos in my liquor cabinet. It's really smooth...I am more of a tequila drinker; however.

    By Blogger Ashley, at 3:22 PM, September 12, 2005  

  • 100% agave tequila? Me likes tequila, too. Have you heard of JB Wagoner's Ultra Premium 100% Blue Agave Spirits ? I am not aware that it is currently available outside California, so I have not come across it. It's a pretty neat story, though.

    By Blogger Matthew, at 2:36 AM, September 13, 2005  

  • I have not heard of that brand of tequila... hmm.... "a pretty neat story" ?? perhaps you can regale me sometime over a few rounds of tequila? hmm.. or maybe even vodka?


    By Blogger Ashley, at 4:02 AM, September 13, 2005  

  • Tito’s keeps going up in price. It used to cost twenty-four-something dollars; about a month ago, it was $26.50. Today, it cost $27.20 for a 1.75L. Take heart, though. The Spec’s employee who took my money said the price would go back down at holiday time.

    By Blogger Matthew, at 6:05 PM, September 14, 2005  

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