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Saturday, September 03, 2005

You Snooze, You Lose Your Italian Sparkling Mineral Water

My sister had her wisdom teeth extracted on Friday. Friday also marked the conclusion of her second week of law school. The beginning of the semester, the beginning of law school, for that matter, seems a rather inopportune time to undergo such a procedure. In this preceding week, my sister was rather positive about school, which was something of a turnabout from the first week of law school. I am reluctant to state as much, though, lest I jinx her.

The dentist that performed the procedure suggested that my sister drink carbonated beverages following the surgery, as they would be easy for her to hold down; the anesthetic tends to upset the stomach. My mom requested that I have on hand some sparking water for my convalescing sister, so I purchased a liter bottle of Italian sparkling mineral water. Italian sparkling mineral water is not a staple item for us. Even the Central Market store brand, at $1 a bottle, 30ยข cheaper than Perrier, is something of a luxury item.

Alas, alack, my poor sister did not have the opportunity to enjoy the Italian sparkling mineral water that was purchased especially for her consumption. Other members of the household, whose identities shall remain confidential, upon seeing in the refrigerator a particularly refreshing looking libation in a fancy green glass bottle, partook of the naturally effervescent beverage intended for my recovering sister, leaving none for my sister to slake her thirst and calm her stomach. Nonetheless, at this time, she is well on the road to recovery. She has even been able to tend to some of her studies.


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