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Saturday, October 29, 2005

Ah, to Be Multilingual

I feel that I am at a disadvantage by not being bilingual. As close as Texas is to the Mexican border, it would be most useful to be fluent in Spanish. When I was in undergraduate, a number of my friends were international students, coming from India, Pakistan, and France, among other nations. In addition to their native languages, they spoke English, of course, and the languages of several other countries. I blame our schools, in part. Our educators should be introducing us to foreign languages at an early age. It is never too late to learn, though.


  • la pequena arana se fue a pasear
    vino la lluvia y tuvo que nadar
    solio el sol y el agua se seco
    la pequena arana se fue a nuevo!

    Si, hablo espanol.

    pinche gato.

    By Blogger Katherine, at 6:18 PM, October 29, 2005  

  • Why do you talk so bad about little Eloise?

    By Blogger Matthew, at 3:24 AM, October 30, 2005  

  • I LOVE words and languages and so everywhere I go around the world, I always try to blend in with the locals and to learn a large amount of words and phrases. I speak two languages fluently and those are Dutch and English and I speak beginner German, French, and Italian. I think it would be the coolest thing if I could speak Chinese. Whats the one language that you love to speak, Matthew?

    By Blogger Astrid, at 10:03 AM, November 03, 2005  

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