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Thursday, October 06, 2005

Getting Weaker

When I was in high school and undergrad, I was quite passionate about exercise. I was almost fanatical about lifting weights. Following my brain surgery, my interest in weight lifting waned. Nonetheless, I continued to work out with weights a few times a week, because I knew it was good for me. A few months ago, it was necessary for me to stop making monthly payments for my YMCA membership. (I have no job, and thus no income, remember?) I have begun doing callisthenic exercises and more cardiovascular exercise. I have actually run sprints, for about the first time since high school. When I was lifting weights regularly, I did not think I was growing stronger. However, I was not growing weaker. Now that I am no longer lifting weights, I feel that my muscles are atrophying. Maybe I could start lifting soup cans.


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