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Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Retire Sooner or Later?

Since I entered the workforce relatively late, I wonder whether that means that I will not have to work as long until I reach retirement age, or whether it means that I will have to work longer until I am financially able to retire.


  • i've been in the work force for several years and i'm still facing that question, matthew.

    and regarding the taste quiz, together we make a peanut butter cup.

    By Blogger kari, at 5:14 AM, October 25, 2005  

  • I left the workforce to start a new career. I would venture to say you'll retire where you feel comfortable retiring - when you've accomplished all you want in the working world. I don't think the time you start is terribly relevant.

    By Blogger Steve, at 12:34 PM, October 25, 2005  

  • I'm planning on retiring in the next year or so. This working thing is not turning out how I'd expected. Really, I just think I'm too good to work.

    By Blogger hal the brown, at 8:57 AM, October 26, 2005  

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