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Friday, October 28, 2005

Taqueria La Carreta

I think I am going to try Taqueria La Carreta for lunch today.[1] It is an easy to miss little hole-in-the-wall restaurant on 105 East right off I-45. It seems to draw a crowd, though (not that a crowd is the best indicator of the quality of a restaurant). I have wanted to see what it is like since I first started commuting to Conroe two summers ago. I will inquire whether anyone else from the office dares to go.

[1] In early Southwestern history, La Carreta was an ox-drawn cart that brought hard to get staples and supplies up the Camino Real to Spanish colonial settlers.


  • I did not go to Taqueria La Carreta; rather, my employer suggested San Luis Taqueria y PanaderĂ­a, which he said was better.

    Beans are not that difficult to make, but they sure messed up the frijoles refritos. The arroz a la mexicano was rather unimpressive. They did not pull off the bistec ranchero very well, either. The little pieces of beef were intermixed with pieces of fat, and everything was awash in an oil-slicked broth. Six-and-a-half dollars was a bit more than I anticipated I would have to spend. Maybe I ordered the wrong entree.

    By Blogger Matthew, at 4:26 AM, October 29, 2005  

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