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Saturday, October 01, 2005

Treat Fairy

Farley and Eloise think I am the treat fairy. When I am home alone with just the animals for extended periods (several days), they make frequent demands for treats. Farley will go to the pantry and whine. He is probably more insistent about receiving his dog treats when it is just me at home, because I put peanut butter on his Iams biscuits. Farley has his own jar of peanut butter. It is the HEB store brand, because he is not as label conscious as some of us are, and we have placed Mr. Yuk stickers on it, so no one inadvertently eats Farley’s pb. When Eloise sees Farley getting treats, she has to have some of her “Feline Greenies.” If she even sees me in the pantry, she is right there. She is going through them in a hurry. I do not want to be the one to tell her that she is all out of her treats. Katherine needs to make a trip to Petco.


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