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Thursday, November 10, 2005

I’m Not Either a Food Snob!

To express my gratitude to the person who recommended me to my new employer, I intend to take that person to dinner or lunch one weekend. I would like to treat this individual to a meal at a nicer restaurant to convey my appreciation and because I am picky as concerns dining out. Unfortunately, The Woodlands suffers from a dearth of nicer restaurants. The only non-chain and semi-non-chain restaurants, I learned when I attempted to schedule reservations, do not serve lunch on weekends. They do serve dinner, but dinner prices are higher than lunch prices, restaurants are more crowded in the evening, dining out in the evening would keep me up late, and dinner prices are higher than lunch prices. Did I mention that dinner is more expensive than lunch? Maybe I need to put aside my finickiness and realize that it is not about my preferences, but about treating my friend to a nice meal.


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