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Saturday, November 26, 2005

So Tired

I have grown weary of hearing the phrases “Cut and run,” and “Stay the course.” “Staying the course” is idiotic, when, judging by media reports, admittedly not the most reliable source, the people of Iraq do not want the foreign occupiers there and appear uninterested democracy. Further, “staying the course” will result in the needless loss of more American lives. Dick Cheney[1] has averred that, if America leaves Iraq before accomplishing our mission, all those Americans who died in Iraq will have given their lives in vain. This is a most ridiculous statement. If we prevail in Iraq, the American deaths will not suddenly be legitimized. I would aver that a life lost in Iraq is lost in vain. What would we have gained from Iraq that would make it worth one life?

[1] Slate magazine is among the publications in which an interesting fact about Dick Cheney’s record of receiving deferments to avoid military service in Vietnam has been noted. After receiving four deferments from serving in Vietnam, Dick Cheney found himself ineligible for further student deferments, and he became eligible for the draft. With no student deferments left, the current Vice President took advantage of a newly enacted paternity deferment for fathers and expecting fathers. He impregnated Lynne Cheney with their daughter Elizabeth Cheney, thus rendering himself eligible for the paternity deferment.


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