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Saturday, November 26, 2005

Thanks for Nothing

I am thankful that we only give thanks once a year. Planning, preparing, and enjoying the meal is fun. However, cleaning it up and putting it away is quite the chore.

We observed Thanksgiving on Thanksgiving Day (as opposed to the Thanksgiving we observe the following day with only our immediate family) with paternal aunts and uncles at a relative’s residence some 80 miles distant. On this occasion, a particular uncle became rather obstreperous. He began by attempting to start a “therapy session” at the dinner table. He proposed that we proceed through the twelve of us around the table to state what regrets we had and what we would want others to learn from what we wished we had known. After this fell apart, he went on the offensive. He attacked one aunt for her views on men. He faulted her for not leaving her husband and he suggested that the husband, a recovering alcoholic/drug addict, should take a job at Home Depot. This uncle also chastised a nephew who tends not to know what not to say, rather than offering constructive criticism to the tactless nephew. The atmosphere was almost surreal. I hope we remember this when they invite us again next year.


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