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Sunday, December 25, 2005

Christmas Tamales

Generally, I am reluctant to eat tamales. This primarily is due to the high fat content from the liberal use of lard that is mixed into the masa. The fact that the meat from a boiled pig’s head is sometimes used in the filling does not bother me. Although tamales are eaten year-round, it is traditional to eat them on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day, a tradition we like to observe. This year, we ordered a few dozen tamales from Hugo’s.

I had no problem making an exception to my tamal avoidance. I will gladly eat pretty much anything from Hugo’s. While tamales typically exude an orange-hued grease, there was no oil to be found about these tamales. Hugo’s offered pork, chicken, seafood, wild mushroom, and black bean and hoja santa tamales. The employee with whom my mom spoke on the phone said that only the chicken, wild mushroom, and seafood tamales remained. We ordered pollo and wild mushroom tamales. These were by far the best tamales I have ever eaten. The masa dough was white and softer than other tamales, which are orange-ish and firmer textured. The fillings, as are all things at Hugo’s, were exquisite. The chicken tamales contained tender pieces of shredded chicken in delectable mole poblano. The wild mushroom filling was quite exquisite; the filling did not consist of pieces of sliced mushrooms, but was more akin to mushroom duxelles. The additional mole poblano and the pipian verde to accompany the tamales were quite delicious, also.

Feliz Navidad, Happy Christmas, Hanukkah, Newtonmas, or whatever your preference may be.


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