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Saturday, December 31, 2005

Country Ham

The Smithfield country ham was... salty. It tasted like ham-flavored salt. It was slightly tough, also. The instructions on the burlap sack stated that the cooked ham should be sliced very thinly. I don’t know whether thin slicing is necessary is because of the saltiness of the ham, or because country hams are just tough. Additionally, was the ham tough because it was difficult to simmer it – the “preferred” cooking method – at 190°, rather than at the 212° the water wanted to maintain? I was pleased, though, that this super-salty porcine cut did not meet with sounding disapproval. Country hams really are not intended to be served as a main course. Rather, they are appetizers, accents, an element in a buffet, or flavorings. A bit of the country ham will go nicely in the black-eyed peas tomorrow. I am trying to convince myself that I liked it, since I spent $30 on it.


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