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Saturday, December 24, 2005

No Holiday Well Wishes from Me, This Year

Well, I’m thinking there will be no holiday greetings from me this year. I bought the M.D. Anderson Cancer Center Children’s Art Project cards last weekend, but I have been too busy (or have procrastinated too skillfully) to sign them, address them, and deposit them in the mailbox. I hated not to send the cards, because the intended recipients – all twelve of them – would not have the pleasure of hearing from me this holiday season (pity them). Additionally, I spent a considerable amount of money on those cards. I actually bought two dozen cards, because there were two pictures, one by Hazim and David, and one by Carlo, that I liked so much and between which I could not make a decision. At least it is essentially a donation to a worthy cause. I have justified not sending cards this year by telling myself that no one ever sends cards to me, even the people who regularly receive my holiday greetings. They don’t even mention the cards. I still need to wrap the gifts I am giving. I may still yet address those cards, but don’t hold your breath.


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