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Thursday, December 08, 2005

The Texas Two-Party System

For an independent candidate to make the ballot in the Texas gubernatorial race, it is necessary for him or her to collect the signatures of voters who would like to see that candidate’s name on the ballot. I am interested in seeing Kinky Friedman on the ballot for Texas governor in 2006, so I will definitely be signing the petition. Texas has an unreasonable law, though. People who vote in either the Republican or Democratic primaries are ineligible to sign a petition to place an independent on the ballot. The following is a reply from Kinky’s campaign to my query as to how I can lend my signature.

We need about 50,000 valid signatures to put Kinky on the ballot as candidate for Governor of Texas. We can’t collect those signatures until after the Republican and Democratic Primaries March 7, 2006, and anybody who votes in either primary is ineligible to sign by Texas law – the only state in the union with such a law. After the primaries, basically we have a month to collect the signatures. IF there’s a runoff (and there usually is), we can’t start collecting signatures till after THAT voting day, which falls on April 8 – and then we have a month – the deadline becomes early May. Obviously that effectively cuts a month off our campaigning time, so you can see the system in Texas is geared to keep the two parties partying.

I do not vote in the party primaries, since I have no affinity for either of the major parties, and really do not care who their candidates are. There is a county judge position that will be on the ballot in March, though, and three local lawyers are vying for the bench. I am quite certain that is not a party primary, but I am not going to risk rendering myself ineligible to sign for Kinky, so I will abstain from voting in the primaries altogether.


  • I didn't realize it was so difficult to get a name on the ballot in Texas. I don't vote in primaries, either, mostly because I'm neither Democrat or Republican (or "liberal" or "American" as some people say).

    By Blogger Steve, at 8:01 AM, December 08, 2005  

  • When is the pope's term up? I want to run for pope this time around. He's so loaded. I bet he gets laid all the time. My popemobile would probably be a Ferrari. I'd make such an awesome pope.

    But anyway, I'm not voting in the primaries either. I did see a Kinky bumpersticker that said "My governor is a Jewish cowboy". Would the Si sport one of those if he wins?

    By Blogger hal the brown, at 10:17 AM, December 08, 2005  

  • Haven't you seen the Si? It is covered in pro-Kinky bumper stickers.

    By Blogger Matthew, at 6:29 PM, December 08, 2005  

  • You have my vote for Pope, Hal. You are pretty good at interpreting the scriptures and divining God's intent, aren't you?

    By Blogger Matthew, at 4:18 AM, December 09, 2005  

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