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Sunday, January 15, 2006

Boredom + Unemployment = Conflict in the Middle East

There was an article in the Monday, January 9 New York Times about continued violence in Gaza. I do not fully understand the politics or the causes of the conflict between Palestine and Israel, but the Jewish State obviously is not at the root of the unrest in the Middle East. I was of the understanding that Palestine, and the rest of the Arab world, resented that Israel moved in and settled in Palestine. I also understood that Israel occupied the West Bank, much to the chagrin of Palestine. However, as part of the peace process, Israel recently vacated the West Bank and relinquished control to Palestine. One might suppose this would be something of a victory for Palestine that would result in some measure of peace on the western bank of the Jordan River, but this has not been so. In Gaza, the violence rages on. Armed men still roam the streets, and gun battles still occur. The conflicts pit militants and the police. There are also feuds between families. “[L]awlessness and tension between armed factions since Israel’s withdrawal” have prevailed. Allegedly, the causes of the conflict are unemployment and boredom. These are simply a warmongering people who will find conflict, regardless of whether any enemy exists


  • Some folks just live to hate.

    By Blogger Ashley, at 6:03 AM, January 15, 2006  

  • matthew, the title of your post is possibly one of the best titles i have ever seen.

    By Blogger kari, at 8:34 AM, January 15, 2006  

  • it's so sad that boredom is a cause of such horrible violence. a perfect example of people who have been bred to fight, regardless of whether or not there is a reason.

    how does one find his or her soulmate, you ask?
    i don't think it's necessary to actively look for or seek out your soulmate. i'd like to believe that you will find that person when you least expect it, or when you're not even looking.

    By Blogger joey♥, at 5:09 PM, January 15, 2006  

  • Great post. Boredom and blind faith in power mongers will only result in wars and violence.

    Have you read Exodus by Leon Uris? It might throw some light on this topic :-)

    By Blogger Sphinx, at 8:34 PM, January 15, 2006  

  • Boredom and unemployment, eh? So... is self abuse considered conflict?

    By Blogger hal the brown, at 5:36 PM, January 18, 2006  

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