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Friday, January 13, 2006

Strange Behavior, or Grow Up

I thought that when people reached a certain point in their lives, maybe after they completed high school, earned a college degree, attended professional school, and had been in the workforce for several years, or were at a like age, their social skills were such that they could maturely and intelligently converse with and be in the presence of individuals of the opposite gender. This is not invariably the case.

I had been informed that a person from another law firm was interested in becoming better acquainted with me. I have visited with this individual and she is pleasant enough. My employer informed me late yesterday afternoon that people from this other law firm were gathering at a local establishment after work for drinks. He also informed me that this individual who wanted to get to know me better would be present, and that another person from the other law firm would kick my employer’s ass if I did not make an appearance. How cool is that – your boss telling you to leave work early to go to a bar? I finished the tasks on which I had been focusing and proceeded to the pub, arriving at about a quarter ’til six.

Apparently, my arrival was not timely enough. The employees of this other law firm are not required to work as long of hours as we are required to put in at my place of employment, so they had already been there for about forty-five minutes. When I approached the tables at which the attorneys from the other law firm were seated, the person who possibly wanted to visit with me rose and made her exit.

The abrupt departure was not the only instance of strange behavior. The individual who allegedly made threats to kick my boss’s ass if I did not show up began assailing me, telling me that I ruined it and that I was too late. It became weirder, still. The ass-kicker then proposed that they go around the table and the eight of them take turns asking me a single question. Where did she learn this conversation style – from the KGB? I played along, answering questions such as whether I have a halogen lamp in my apartment, whether I have a girlfriend, and which of the women at the table was the youngest. If the young lady who departed when I arrived anticipated this setting, I understand why she made a hasty exit.


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