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Saturday, February 25, 2006

I’ll Show Her!

I should know better than to ignore my sister’s demands as to purchases at the grocery store. If I don’t buy the overpriced junk food she requests, there will be hell to pay. She called me when I was at the grocery store and asked me to buy “something for dessert… ice cream… Ben & Jerry’s ‘Cherry Garcia.’” HEB wants $2.80 for a pint of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream. Upon further consideration, I suppose this is not too bad a price, when one considers the value of a pint of whipping cream, eggs, cherries, chocolate, sugar, vanilla, and one’s labor. However, I disregarded, unwisely, the specification for “ice cream… Ben & Jerry’s ‘Cherry Garcia,’” and heeded the request for “something for dessert.” I bought a half gallon of organic 2% milk, thinking cup custards would make for an easy dessert.

When I arrived at home with no overpriced ice cream, there was hell to pay. She did not want “something for dessert.” She wanted “Ben & Jerry’s ‘Cherry Garcia,’” and she wanted it right then! I had to make a second trip to the grocery store in the same day. I bought overpriced premium ice cream, and then some – nineteen dollars of my money worth of it! I think she won.


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