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Friday, February 24, 2006

My Sister's Day in Court

My sister had an interview in Conroe yesterday. The interview went well enough, although the prospective employer needed someone to work through the entire summer, but my sister would like to study abroad for part of that time. When she was through with the interview, I invited her to the courthouse, where I was running around between courts. I introduced her to Judge Mayes, the excellent judge for whom I had interned, in the 410th District Court, and to Meredith, the friendliest Court Coordinator. Closing arguments were about to begin in one of the four jury trials set in the 410th this week. Not only was my sister able to watch the prosecution and the defense deliver their closing arguments to the jury, but also Judge Mayes invited her to deliver part of the charge to the jury. I hope I did not keep her from her studies for too long.


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