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Friday, February 17, 2006

You Buy Russian Vodka!

I stopped by Spec’s a few days ago to pick up a few items. I was shopping for two other people, one of whom wanted a 750 of Pearl Vodka. As I was taking a bottle of Pearl from the shelf, a Spec’s employee approached me and informed me, in a very convincing Russian accent, that White Gold Premium Russian Vodka was far superior to any of the other vodkas. “But Pearl has been distilled five times,” I proffered. In his Russian accent and broken English, he explained to me that the number of times a vodka is distilled does not make a difference. Essentially, it is merely a marketing tool. He talked me into it. Since Pearl and White Gold were priced about the same, I decided I would try the White Gold. I picked up the Pearl for my friend, and a bottle of White Gold for me.

The Spec’s employee then strolled over to a customer who was perusing the selection of whisky, and, in a very convincing Scottish accent….


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