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Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Polar Opposites

I can’t decline to eat lunch with my coworkers all the time. I hate being drug to restaurants that cater to Americans who don’t care what they put into their bodies. The Caesar salad at Chili’s may or may not have been the best option for a reluctant diner. At least the greens were romaine, and they were fresh. The salad dressing, I’m certain, was not freshly made, but came from a bottle and was loaded with fat (although Caesar salad dressing usually is high in calories).

Shade, by contrast, did not feature all that I detest in a restaurant. I ordered the curried tuna salad sandwich. The menu stated that the bread was homemade. The server assured me that the tuna was fresh, as was everything else on the menu, she said. Ditto for the Caesar salad dressing. The tuna did not taste like it came from a can that was put there by a man, in a factory downtown. The tuna was cooked beyond rare, as was necessary so that it would flake and mix with the mayonnaise, the quantity of which was not excessive, the minced celery and onion, and the grapes. The curry powder mixed into the tuna was not overbearing. The hearty homemade sandwich bread was lightly pan-toasted The Columbian fair trade coffee, rich, smooth, and low acid, is well worth the two dollars, especially when the server refills your cup four times. I hope Thomas does not resent me dragging him to Shade.


  • Enough of your seductive foodie ranting, already!! It evokes thoughts of fine wines and candlelit conversations -- only with subliminal flashes of 91/2 Weeks imagery. So unfair to a woman who only moments ago ate at Chik-Fil-A sandwich for dinner....

    By Blogger Ashley, at 6:20 PM, May 23, 2006  

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