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Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Flawed Logic

I am typically pretty good about saving my money. I often forego purchasing items I would like to purchase, but don’t need. So it really smarted when I had to spend a sizeable amount of money on bodywork for the Si. This prompted me to question my frugality. I decided that, if I am going to have to throw away cash for something on which I would really rather not spend money, I might as well fritter away my money on purchases I want to make. Thus, I bought one of those Japanese knives about which I have been reading. The Japanese kitchen knives are supposed to be superior to the German kitchen knives. The blades of Japanese knives are thinner than the German knives, as a result of which less force is required to cut through food. The blades are also forged by hammering the steel, rather than just stamping them out of a piece of metal, as with the German knives. I did not buy a $1,000.00 or even a $400.00 knife. I bought one of the Shun knives for the low, low price of $135.00. And it is incredibly sharp!


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