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Friday, June 09, 2006

Wacko, Texas

I found myself in Waco, Texas this last weekend, to attend a family reunion. It had been quite some time since I had last visited Waco, and it would suit me fine if it were quite some time before I visited Waco again. It is not an easy city to navigate. Although my mom and sister, traveling in a separate car, were quickly able to make their way to Highway 6 to proceed to Houston, my dad and I had to ride the loop for a while before we were heading southbound on Highway 6. Additionally, the streets take dangerous turns at intersections. I don’t know what happened on one occasion, but my brother and I were traveling perpendicularly to the numbered streets, when, all of a sudden, without changing directions, we were traveling on a numbered street. I observed that Waco had an abundance of churches, payday lenders, and tobacco shops.

Prior to spending two days in Waco, I was in Austin for a CLE. The Four Seasons on the lake, where the two-day CLE was held, is quite remarkable. Unfortunately, I did not stay in the Four Seasons. The discounted group rate was $200.00 a night. The regular rate is $370.00 a night. I stayed in a $90.00 a night hotel a few miles down the highway. Interestingly, there was no Bible to be found in the hotel room.

Austin is a neat town. While I was there, I was able to eat at a few restaurants I had been curious to try. Ashley had recommended Swad. Most of the diners were of Indian origin. When I caught a glimpse into the kitchen, it was staffed by Indian ladies clad in saris. One of the patrons with whom I conversed (for assistance in interpreting the menu) remarked that Clay Pit, which my sister recommends, was akin to P.F. Changs, that is, it was Americanized. Swad, conversely, featured more authentically Indian cuisine. I am not well versed in Indain food, so I cannot begin to label the offerings I sampled, but I did try a sampler platter. The food was different from what I have eaten at other Indian restaurants. There seemed to be more sauce, and less meat or vegetables. Swad was exclusively vegetarian, which was not objectionable to me.

I also tried Z’Tejas. I do not recall where I read about Z’Tejas, but it was reviewed favorably in some publication. When I was trying to locate Z’Tejas via the Internet, I discovered that it was a chain. Although it was not too objectionable – the catfish tacos were satisfactory at $9.00 – it was not worth the ten-block walk from the Four Seasons. At noontime in late May. Clad in wool dress clothes. The exercise did not hurt me, though.


  • I almost went to the last CLE session on Friday at the urging of a friend, as another person from my bureaucracy was covering a topic I know a lot about...

    I am glad you tried Swad. It's pretty reflective of what you actually get in (Hindu) India. I am also fond of the Mughal style curries (which most other Indian restaurants serve).

    Next time, try Mirabelle... I have long-since abandonded Z'Tejas. I was out drinking with attorneys on Tuesday. Next time you come to town, give me a heads up and you can meet up with us!!

    By Blogger Ashley, at 5:03 AM, June 09, 2006  

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