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Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Even Pickier Than Me?

I had lunch yesterday with a friend who is on a “raw food” diet. Apparently, the theory of such a diet is that heating food beyond 110° or so renders it incapable of being metabolized by the body, or something. My friend says she has benefited immensely from this diet. She has so much more energy, and she is free from many of the health maladies that plagued her before.

I don’t know that I will ask her out for lunch, again. It’s not that I didn’t enjoy visiting with her, or that her food preferences caused her to be anything less than the most pleasurable dining companion. She does not adhere unwaveringly to her diet. If someone invites her out to eat, or to dine at one’s house, she will eat what is available.

Rather, I know how, um, finicky I am about dining in restaurants. It would be even more difficult to deviate from one’s eating regimen if one were on such a restrictive diet. Out of consideration for my friend, I will not “impose” on her again.


  • I have heard of people following a raw food diet before. Very interesting to hear the reasons behind it but it must get boring cutting your choices so radically.

    By Blogger Lesley, at 2:06 AM, July 19, 2006  

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