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Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Jittery from the Caffeine

I read about the Aerobie® AeroPress™ Coffee & Espresso Maker in this article a few months ago. Inventor Alan Adler created the syringe-like coffee press, which makes a rich, smooth, low-acidity cup of coffee.

When I brought it to the attention of a friend who is fond of coffee, she ordered one. What sold her was not the claim that it makes the best cup of coffee you’ve ever tasted. No one says their coffee maker makes a mediocre brew, she said. Rather, the convenience and portability convinced her to try the Aeropress. My friend has moved to a rural location where there is not a Starbucks to be found.

I have come to enjoy an occasional cup of coffee, so I decided to order an Aeropress a few weekends ago. With shipping, it cost just over $30.00. It took a week for it to ship from Seattle via snail mail, and I finally had the opportunity to try it out last weekend. It does make a remarkable cup of joe. The Aeropress produces a concentrated espresso. By adding water, it is possible to make an Americano. The coffee is quite good, and it is fun to make coffee using the Aeropress. As a result, my caffeine consumption has increased considerably


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